In the recent Court of Appeal Judgement in Doolin v The Data Protection Commissioner (2022), the Court affirmed the decision of the High Court that the use of CCTV footage to investigate an employee in disciplinary proceedings was unlawful.

Court of Criminal Appeal upholds High Court’s refusal of Article 40 application brought by an Applicant who was committed to prison for his continued contempt of a High Court Possession Order

Hugh Kane, Partner, of the firm’s Commercial Litigation Department, and David Walsh, Associate, review a recent judgment – where Kane Tuohy LLP acted for the Plaintiff companies (“the Landlord”) – which confirms the Commercial Court’s willingness to order security for costs against a Defendant in respect of a counterclaim.

Pathway Three of the Government’s Housing for All Plan addresses the issue of increasing new housing supply in Ireland. While many housing issues are complex to tackle, a simple lack of supply to meet demand is a significant part of the issues currently facing Ireland. Research has shown that the State needs an average 33,000 houses to be built every year to 2030. This Pathway is focusing on how to move from building approximately 20,000 homes per year at present to an average of 33,000 homes per annum between now and 2030. Increased supply will need to come from all quarters both in terms of significantly increased Government capital investment in social and affordable housing and from private housing supply.

Statutory Instrument 490/2021 introduces procedural changes to certain High Court applications in relation to seeking judgment in default. This SI amends the Rules of the Superior Courts by the substitution of Orders 13, 20, 21 and 27 and the amendment of Order 23, Rule 6 and Order 63, Rule 1. These changes come into effect on the 13th November 2021 and will apply to proceedings issued after that date (subject to limited exceptions in relation to appeal provisions).

Pathway Two of the Government’s Housing for All plan aims to cater for the most vulnerable in society, the homeless, the restricted options for older people, and those with disabilities. The Government also continue to be committed to the current National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy 2017-2021 and whatever continued actions that arise from this going forward.

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