Corporate Restructuring


This department has an impeccable reputation for analytical and incisive advice. We offer our services on all facets of the corporate insolvency, from the CVLs to advising clients on the benefits of the impending SCARP regime.

Key contact

Hugh Kane

+353 1 672 2233
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Services include:

  • Advising on the procedure for initiating judgement proceedings including issuing letters of demand and statutory demands
  • Initiating court proceedings in the appropriate court, which can range from District Court to the High Court’s Commercial Division
  • Advising on various methods of enforcement (in this jurisdiction and abroad) including registration and publication of judgments, registration of judgment mortgages and seeking an order for sale or engaging the sheriff to enforce the court order.
  • Liaising with colleagues in foreign jurisdictions to initiate legal proceedings abroad (within or outside the EU)
  • Mediating disputes and attending settlement negotiations
  • Bankruptcy/liquidations
  • Mortgage enforcement and recovery

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