David Walsh
Senior Associate


David Walsh is a Senior Associate in Kane Tuohy’s Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department. His goal is to achieve the best commercial outcome for his clients, who include pillar and boutique banks, financial institutions, private and publicly listed companies, insolvency practitioners, and private clients.

With his vast experience, David’s areas of expertise include banking litigation, dispute resolution, various forms of injunctive relief, professional negligence actions, insolvency litigation, debt recovery and asset tracing, probate litigation, insurance litigation, commercial tenancy disputes, and complex enforcement of judgments to include the appointment of equitable receivers, as well as the operation of well-charging orders.

Recent experience

David is representing one of Ireland’s largest privately-owned property companies in Commercial Court proceedings involving the unlawful termination of a commercial tenancy.

Before the Commercial Court, he has recently acted for Joint Receivers of a top four accounting firm in proceedings – which were successfully settled during hearing - where injunctive relief relating to a high-end Dublin 4 property was sought.  

David has significant experience in the Chancery Division of the High Court, and he is currently representing a corporate client in proceedings where Anton Piller style orders were obtained and acted on, and where damages for industrial espionage and conspiracy are claimed against former employees - and against a principal, publicly listed, US supplier - of the client.  

In 2021, acting for a private client, David concluded a lengthy and complex enforcement of a High Court judgment which resulted in a substantial recovery for his client. In achieving recovery, various orders for rarely used methods of enforcement were obtained, to include, the appointment of an equitable receiver over the shares of an off-shore company which was the registered owner of one of Ireland’s most prominent Celtic Tiger properties, and over the Judgment Debtor’s interest in an estate where he was the principal beneficiary.

David has also acted for UK liquidators in the recognition and enforcement of a UK judgment over Irish assets.

Additionally, he has a wealth of experience advising financial institutions (to include, two of the three pillar Irish banks and other retail banks) in the enforcement of security and other enforcement methods before the Superior Courts.    

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